World Book Day

Created by UNESCO on April 23rd, 1995, World Book Day’s aim is not only to celebrate the numerous authors and books, but also to encourage youngsters in descovering the enjoyment that reading gives to you, which is a goal of ours, here, at IMSA Elbasan Schools.

Earth Day

Today, all of our IMSA students participated in different activities regarding Earth Day, whose main aim was raising awareness about the importance of protecting the environment. The activities that our students engaged into were numerous such as presentations on what Earth Day is and what it represents, cleaning the environment surrounding the school’s area, preparing […]

Speaking through music

IMSA Elbasan Schools were honored to invite three of the town’s most well-known musicians who shared their experiences with us. They talked about the origins of music, how it is used to portray emotions and tell a story and of course we had the pleasure of enjoying their numerous performances where even our students joined […]


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