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[stm_title title_tag=”h2″ subtitle_color=”dark-gray” sep_enable=”true” subtitle_enable=”true” title=”Academic Staff” subtitle_font_size=”16px” subtitle_margin_b=”0px”]Academic staff with experience and excellent contribution to education in core and elective curriculum subjects.
The whole team of teachers with several years of experience in education supports students to become responsible, reflective and engaged in life. We offer a quality education to help students in their first steps to develop and improve their knowledge, depending on the path they will follow.[/stm_title]

Emrah Katrancı

Principal MAARIF Elbasan

[stm_blockquote css=”.vc_custom_1620217552589{padding-left: 25px !important;}”]Our existence as part of the educational chain created by the Turkish Maarif Foundation, from pre-school to academic graduation, encourages us to believe in further achievements, aiming at new successes, maintaining quality and becoming a model school for the Albanian education system.[/stm_blockquote]

Alqi Çabiri

Vice Principal MAARIF Elbasan

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The school where you explore your child’s potential, motivation and happiness!
We are by your side, to reach the steps towards a secure future![/stm_blockquote]

Drita Isaj

History/Geography/Citizen Teacher

Romarjo Xhyra

History/Geography/Citizen Teacher

Elisabeta Myftari

Literature Teacher

Edelajda Çepa

Literature Teacher

Eduart Domi

Mathematics Teacher

Julia Ormënaj

Mathematics Teacher

Gazment Haxhiymeri

Physics Teacher

Julian Hazizi

Physics Teacher

Silvana Turku

Biology Teacher

Belinda Hoxha

Chemistry Teacher

Enxhi Ormënaj

Biology / Chemistry Teacher

Fiolentina Kodrallari

Sociology & Citizen Teacher

Briana Dalipi

English Language Teacher

Arbena Çopja

English Language Teacher

Rudina Uruçi

English Language Teacher

Algerta Plakaxhiu

English Language Teacher

Denisa Lufo

French Language Teacher

Erion Avllazagaj

German Language Teacher

Irena Shanaj


Shkëndi Xhyra

Junior & Community Service

Artan Shqau

TIK(Information & Communication Technology) Teacher

Fjorela Qatja

Coding Teacher

Fatbardha Zhuka

Physical Education Teacher

Esmeralda Garunja

Physical Education Teacher

Mediha Musmuça

Primary Teacher

Gjergji Subashi

Art Teacher

Katjusha Sherifi

Music Teacher

Dorina Seni

Visual Art